The Bunch x India Kash


This is The Bunch connecting with an unfamiliar world. 17 days high up in the holy mountains of India.

We begin with a Presentation

Fear enters and false pictures are painted.
Beautiful meetings showed us the truth.

It is time for us to rise from sleep and listen to the mighty tree roots. 

We are nature. 

Lifestyle dreams. 

A Celebration of all. 

We love rice and dal.

Directed and filmed by Gustav Cavallin and Andreas Olofsson.

Edited by Gustav Cavallin.

Produced by Magnus Granér, Gustav Cavallin, Andreas Olofsson and Paul Dowell.

Photography by Alric Ljunghager.

Skiing by Magnus Granér, Douglas Källsbo, Tobias Sedlacek, Sakarias Majander, Maximilliam Smith, Erik Pousette, Leo Björklund.

Supported by Tall T Productions.

Music by



January 15, 2017 by Tall T Productions

TABIDAQUE - Noah & Magnus


This year we saw how the glacier was melting day by day. All the glaciers are melting faster everyday, take care of mother earth so we can keep skiing glaciers Check out how Noah, Magnus and Pako where melting 2alpes snow park, with this banger tricks. And don´t forget pako is still kill it. IG @magnusgraner @noahalbaladejo @pakobenguerel @borja_azurmendi FILMED & EDITED BY: Borja Azurmendi. ADITIONAL FILMING BY: Stephan Sutton. Wanted to give a Shout out to Facciosnao Camp, and Parom Camps, for making it easier for us.
August 21, 2015 by Tall T Productions
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ERRDAY ~ TallTXTheBunch


RIDERS: Magnus Granér I Jens Nilsson I Tobias Sedlacek I Will Berman I Liam Downey I Christian Allen | Charlie Owens I Mike King FILMING: Master Mckin didn't ever film this one. EDIT: JNilla CREDIT: Paul Dowell I Tall T Productions I The Bunch CHECK THE SWAG: bunchsnap ! talltproductions.com talltproductions.com/shop/the-bunch-x-tall-t-black/ instagram.com/thebunchstagrams instagram.com/talltproductions facebook.com/pages/The-Bunch/409976322497455?fref=ts facebook.com/talltproductions
May 11, 2015 by Tall T Productions
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