Imaginary Trace Presents - S K I M A N


Imaginary Trace presents SKIMAN - A shortfilm Starring Magnus Granér.

In association with and

Directed by Andreas Olofsson

Principal Filming by Andreas Olofsson

Additional Filming Gustav Cavallin, Pär Hägglund, Abner Wyman, Liam McKinley, Cole Gibson, Tobias Sedlacek

June 05, 2018 by Tall T Productions

Keep it real


Jake Mageau, Magnus Graner, Forster Meeks, Ian King and Wibbity Wabs

Thank you:

January 31, 2018 by Tall T Productions


This project is our very first full length movie. In this piece we want to portray a raw and genuine look into our 2016/17 ski season; from completely failed trips halfway across the country to finally having a healthy squad and an all-time trip to Oregon and California in the spring. This is a line up of good brotha's from all around the country that were lucky enough to find a common home where a lot of the movie was filmed, Utah. Thanks to everyone for the support along the way, especially Tall T Productions. We are proud to present "ROASTED"

Skiing: Jay Wilder, Colby Stevenson, Andy Partridge, Jake Mageau, Rory Walsh, Quinn Wolferman, and Dylan Sondrup. With cameos from Jonah Elston, Peter Christensen, Mike Brewer, Dale Tarkington, Alex Hackel, Jeremie Veilleux, Magnus Graner, Cole Gibson, Foster Meeks, Tec Calcagni, Carson Kerr and Keegan Kilbride.

Video by Oliver Hoblitzelle

DAQE - Magnus & Noah


Volume two is here and we still worried about the meltdown...
Respect and recycle fam!

Track 1

Moonlight ("Strangers")

Track 2

Dying On This Giant Rock 
Mystical One

August 18, 2017 by Tall T Productions

California Ski Vacation


Huge vacation compilation. Big ups to slvsh and walker along with sierra at Tahoe.
June 15, 2017 by Tall T Productions

The Bunch x India Kash


This is The Bunch connecting with an unfamiliar world. 17 days high up in the holy mountains of India.

We begin with a Presentation

Fear enters and false pictures are painted.
Beautiful meetings showed us the truth.

It is time for us to rise from sleep and listen to the mighty tree roots. 

We are nature. 

Lifestyle dreams. 

A Celebration of all. 

We love rice and dal.

Directed and filmed by Gustav Cavallin and Andreas Olofsson.

Edited by Gustav Cavallin.

Produced by Magnus Granér, Gustav Cavallin, Andreas Olofsson and Paul Dowell.

Photography by Alric Ljunghager.

Skiing by Magnus Granér, Douglas Källsbo, Tobias Sedlacek, Sakarias Majander, Maximilliam Smith, Erik Pousette, Leo Björklund.

Supported by Tall T Productions.

Music by



January 15, 2017 by Tall T Productions