Long Sleeve - Tall T x Noah Albaladejo - NAH Snowman - Black

$ 39.95

This Noah Albaladejo collaboration shirt is a unique and eye-catching piece that seamlessly blends elements of hip-hop and street skiing with a touch of humor and homage to the iconic rapper, Young Jeezy.

Design: The shirt features a crisp, high-resolution graphic screen printed on the front. The design depicts a vibrant, urban scene at the handrail. In the foreground, a stylized snowman donned in hip-hop attire effortlessly navigates the streets with a pair of skis. The snowman exudes coolness with a confident carefree expression paying a nod to the rapper Jeezy.

Color Palette: The color palette used for the art is bold and striking. The snowman and urban landscape are depicted in a combination of vibrant and contrasting colors. Such as electric blue, deep purple, and rustic orange adding pops of color and intricate details to the design.

Collaborative Branding: The shirt proudly features the art of both Tall T and Noah Albaladejo "NAH", showcasing the collaborative effort between these two creative forces. This collaboration effortlessly merges the worlds of hip-hop, street skiing, and urban art making it a must-have for enthusiasts of Tall T and Noah. It's a unique and bold fashion statement that pays tribute to Noah Albaladejo and Young Jeezy. We salute you for your support!

  • Tall T Original Custom Cut Shirt
  • 100% Cotton
  • Silk Screen-Print
96 - Large
Width: 21" Length: 30" Sleeve: 30.5"
102 - XL Tall
Width: 22.5" Length: 34" Sleeve: 31"
108 - 3XL Tall
Width: 26.5" Length: 37.5" Sleeve: 34"
Team - 5XL Tall
Width: 27" Length: 39" Sleeve: 34"


Width is measured from under the sleeve and across the chest.

Length is measured from the top of the shoulder to the bottom.

Sleeve length is measured from the top collar seam to the end of the cuff.